The Struggle


The struggle of weight loss is entirely real and can leave one reeling….right into a bag of chips or a bowl of ice cream.  It is a step by step process, but most just skip around the steps like the rules don’t apply.

So let’s take a look at some of the common scenarios that happen:

You’re not as serious as you think you are. It is most likely that someone has recently called you out on your extra pounds or perhaps the pants you were sure fit you last month wont button or zip today. Either way, you’re thinking its time to make some changes.

The first things that come to your mind are diets and programs.  The faster, the better…something magical!  Something with testimonials touting “I lost 30 lbs in 30 days and I ate whatever I wanted.”


You go to the grocery store and completely revamp your approved food list. It is fresh, organic, and whole grain foods, some of which you are shaky on the pronunciation. You find yourself overwhelmed on what and how to prep, and you’ve got no idea how to control portions.


You start saying thing like, ” I need to exercise!” and “I had better make use of that gym membership!”.  Then, it’s off to the gym where you aimlessly walk around and use the machines to the best of your ability or take some cardio classes.

The list can go on….

Regardless of which scenario fits, they all generally point back to that bag of chips and bowl of ice cream.  Losing weight is a true commitment to a lifestyle change and many need coaching if not handholding through the process. There is nothing wrong with that.  It’s all about ACCOUNTABILITY.


Unrealistic Expectations

–You didn’t gain 20 lbs in a week, so why do you expect to lose it in a week?–

This is such a simple statement. So simple that I think we all miss its depth. I know it’s hard to make a life changing decision to eat better, exercise, get more rest etc… It takes courage and dedication.  It will take some time to get there, but you’ll get stronger everyday.  Unrealistic expectations from your workouts and food plans will only lead to your goals not being achieved.